The Firm’s competence has its roots in the field of judicial and extrajudicial Common Law, especially in Corporate Law and all its aspects:

Commercial and Corporate Law, Crisis Management and Insolvency Regimes, Law of Obligations and E-commerce, Labour Law, Industrial Law and Bank Regulation.

We offer a continuous assistance to companies that operate in these areas:

Trade and Marketing, Fashion and Luxury, Sport and Advertisement, Construction and Real Estate, Investment and Credit, Gaming and Healthcare.

We take care of:

Banks, Insurance Companies, Charitable Organizations, Foundations and Organisations in the Third Sector.

BenildeBalzi traditionally operates in the field of Private Law:

Family Law, Probate Law, Real Rights and Personality Rights.


We work in the field of Corporate Law, on the side of companies since the early stages of their creation. We meticulously take care of the company’s Governance, of corporations responsibilities and we arrange different Operations. We also follow disputes.

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We operate on negotiations and the finalisation of many different kinds of Company Agreements and Contracts. For example, we offer advice on topics like sponsorships, real estate, Transfer of Undertakings and tenders. We also follow the critical phase of the execution of the contract, to identify the best solution for the company.

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E-commerce is constantly evolving. We operate in this field on both ends: on the side of the seller and on the side of the buyer. We also follow the phases of risk assessment and responsibilities. Finally, we help companies to fulfil the regulatory requirements requested by GDPR on various online activities.

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We work side by side with start-ups during every phase of the organisational process, from the conception of the project until its realisation, including all the necessary fundraising operations. Our activities go from feasibility studies to determining statutory duties, including the drafting of contracts and IP protection. We also support customers with operations concerning temporary associations of companies that aim to participate in tenders.

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We offer a twenty-year experience in Extraordinary Transactions, that we realize with industrial entrepreneurs, investment funds and venture capital companies, concerning the sale and purchase of shareholdings, transfers and leasings of joint venture companies.

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Our intervention in the field of Prior Surveillance starts from planning and goes all the way to the concrete implementation of efficient Business Organizational Structures (ex D.lgs 231/2001). We provide complete and global assistance for each risk, involving qualified external partners. We also constantly cooperate with the Supervisory Authority of the organization to guarantee a day by day adequacy of the Security System that has been adopted.

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We have been working in the field of Privacy for over twenty years, both at a national and European level. We build Privacy Systems tailored on each business model, always keeping in mind the GDRP‘s regulation. Our professionals work as DPOs and cooperate with experts in IT Security techniques.

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In the field of IP and Unfair Business Practices, we safeguard in court clients’ trademarks and patents at a national level. We also follow the administrative phase of patenting and the phase of patent opposition, until the patent is granted both inside the EU and internationally. Lastly, we also provide legal advice for the evaluation of the intangible property and for operations regarding its circulation.

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We safeguard Personality Rights and Image Rights in Criminal Court and Civil Court. We mostly take care of contracts regarding the Image Rights of important advertising actors and contracts regarding the organization of sports events. We assist companies that work in the field of Sports Consulting and we supervise the realization of Social Corporate Responsibility campaigns.

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Crisis Management and Insolvency are current issues that are constantly evolving. Our goal is to identify the most effective tool in the legal system to protect companies, even if we possibly have to resort to preventive restructuring.

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We have always worked with unpaid debt collection, taking care of both the pre-dispute and the trial phase, up to the forced debt collection and the satisfaction of the creditor. We also take care of NPLs management and of negotiations aimed at their resolution. Thanks to a network of well-trained professionals, we guarantee a functional approach to the client’s portfolio.

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Bank Regulation is traditionally one of Benilde Balzi’s strongest point. We follow both the pre-dispute and the trial phase. We intervene during disputes related to non-compliance with banks, during processes of refund of undue payments and during processes of compensatory damages caused by corporations.

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In the field of Labour Law, we operate with contracts, salary and privacy policies, and transfers of undertakings. We also work in the field of Employment Relations, providing full legal assistance at every stage.

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We follow all the circulatory events concerning Real Estate and Royal Rights. We also take care of real property management and of all the operations concerning real property acquisitions and development. We also provide legal assistance for Legislations, Charters, Minutes and recovery of real property. We offer legal advice in cases of legal proceedings on behalf of Real Estate Cooperatives, Consortium and apartment blocks.

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In the field of Probate Law, we provide complete assistance to solve problems related to testamentary succession and legitime. We provide our advice in extrajudicial matters and disputes, including during the arbitration phase. We take care of generational handover and we offer solutions focused on the specific case.

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Family and Child Law is our traditional area of competence. We offer assistance in matters of separation, divorce and protection from domestic violence. We also offer legal advice regarding marital property systems. Lastly, we follow procedures of judicial interdition, legal incapacity and MOT.

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We have strong competence not only with taking care of the first stages of the creation of companies but also with the management of organisations in the Third Sector. In fact, we assist the client step by step, from the drafting of the founding act, until they get qualified as NPOs. Lastly, we take care of fundraising and regulatory adjustments relative to the digital transformation.

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The tutelage of rights and the legal defence in court are fundamental and strategical aspects. We operate at different levels of the appeal process, even at superior levels. We deal with Arbitration and alternative procedures, even at transnational level.

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