Benilde Balzi was born in 1963 in Turin, where she lives and works. She graduated from Law School at Università degli Studi di Torino. She is a professional Lawyer, registered to the Turin Bar Association since 1994 and to the Albo dei Cassazionisti of Turin since 2007.

Co-founder of the Firm Studio Vietti e Associati until 2016, she has thirty-year of experience in the legal field, and she is specialised in particular in Commercial Law and Corporate Law.

Avvocato Benilde Balzi studio legale

Lawyer Benilde Balzi – The Firm

She has been working on cases of Intellectual Property and Unfair Business Practices since 1991; working with a well-known Patent Law company, she successfully assisted many famous Italian and international brands operating in luxury, fashion, make-up and design.

Head of a dedicated team, she works side by side with companies, studying the best strategies to make intellectual properties stand out, from the early stages of the project to the operational phases.

As a trustee, she works with the major banks solving disputes and controversies regarding Bank Regulation Law, contracts, debt collection, contractual obligations of banks and more.

In the last few years, she implemented her work on NPLs and Corporate Crisis Management, focusing, together with specialised professionals of the field, on negotiations finalized to transfers and to resolving non-performing loans.

She participated many times in the reorganisation of companies and business recovery, using the latest tools known in Debt Restructuring and Bankruptcy Procedures.

She has been working in the Privacy field since 2003 and today, coordinating the professionals she works with, she works with different kinds of European companies, implementing and organising their Privacy Systems, offering her competence also as a DPO (Data Protection Officer).

Avvocato Benilde Balzi Torino
Studio Legale BenildeBalzi Supporto dello sport

Lawyer Benilde Balzi – Turin

BenildeBalzi Law Firm – Sport Support

Since she is a sports enthusiast, Balzi is a consultant for some national and international companies that work in the field of Sports Consulting, Athletes Management and Events Management. She works for them taking care of the aspects concerning athletes’ Image Rights.

Of counsel for Studio Sant’Andrea s.r.lManagement and Technology Consultants, she chairs the legal area of this company and she follows their projects concerning Corporate Restructuring and Extraordinary Transactions.

She is a member of the board of Consorzio Lago Risera, a local authority that manages the housing stock of the residents inside Parco La Mandria.

From 2020 she is part of the committee that promotes female entrepreneurship, created at the Torino Chamber of Commerce. She is also an Arbitrator for the Camera Arbitrale di Torino.

She is associated to CNA – Impresa Donna, for women in business.

Passionate golf player, she is a partner in the Golf Club Royal Park i Roveri and a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

Since 2012, she has been a member of the board of the Italian Ladies Golf Association (ILGA), where she follows the sports activities of the association and the initiatives they share with FIG and CONI.

Animal lover, she supports the NPO DoggyBag  and the Rifugio del Cane Vagabondo, where, in 2016, she adopted Ugo, the little dog that is now part of BenildeBalzi Law Firm, proudly pet friendly.

Pet friendly Law Firm.

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