BenildeBalzi Law Firm has a vast experience in Bank Regulation. The Firm assists banks, financial institutions and investment funds.

The Firm works on contracts and bank activities (especially on financial operations connected to M&A, private equity, real estate, energy, asset finance and project finance), and with financial and trust investments services.

The Firm operates during the dispute and the pre-dispute phase. These are the main areas of competence:

  • critical phases of bank relationships that have to do with financial tools and asset management;
  • out of court renegotiation of bank relationships;
  • controversy in corporate liability:
  • controversy in matters of usury or compound interests, overdraft charges, unjust enrichment and refund of undue payments;
  • warnings to Credit Bureau;
  • unreliable activities of financial planners,
  • compensation and recovery lawsuits;
  • unpaid debt collection.

The Firm also works with matters regarding AGO (mandatory general insurance), ABF (Arbitro Bancario Finanziario – an out-of-court system to solve controversies and disagreements) and ACF (Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie – an out-of-court system to solve financial controversies occurring between non-professional investors and stockbrokers).

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