BenildeBalzi Law Firm has been dealing with Privacy for more than 20 years, for national and foreign companies.

Knowing very well national and European legislation, and keeping constantly up-to-date, we can guarantee to the Client qualified assistance in the field of personal data protection.

Since the GDPR 2016/679 became effective, it imposed strict rules on all the operators in the market. To provide complete support, the Firm has a stable relationship with multidisciplinary figures operating in the area. Thus, it provides information and guidance for each entrepreneurial reality.

The Customer is assisted during the preliminary analysis phases, the risk assessment in compliance with the principle of Accountability obligation and of the fulfilment of the performers required by the GDPR. Subsequently, the Firm follows the periodic training of the staff and the constant adjusting of the Privacy System.

The specialization in the field of personal data protection allows the professionals of BenildeBalzi Law Firm to perform as DPOs. A level of safety, quality, reliability and competitiveness is therefore guaranteed, thanks to the performance of a key figure who enriches the company with his presence.

Lastly, the Firm collaborates with Sys-Tek srl, a leading company in the IT Security sector. It can therefore also guarantee assistance in the IT field, concerning the correct processing and certified formatting of Digital Data.


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