BenildeBalzi Law Firm offers counsel in the field of Property Law and Ius in re.

It takes care of contracts of sale, property management, “cessione della nuda proprietà” (the transfer of property without usufruct rights) and more.

In particular, the Firm continuously assists consortia, building cooperatives, condominiums and corporations that manage real property.

The Firm also offers extrajudicial advice in other areas. Among those:

  • the drafting of statutes and regulations,;
  • activities of deliberative groups;
  • the drafting of rental agreements;
  • the management of common areas;
  • refunds.

During the dispute phase, the Firm offers support for different kinds of controversies. Those include actions of maintenance and nunciazione (which are actions made to prevent damages to one’s possessions), immissioni (the moment when the buyer obtains possession of the purchased property), usucaption, eviction notices. The Firm also follows problems linked to preliminary contracts, leasebacks, tenders, rent-to-own, transfers of development rights, establishment and protection of servitude. At last, the Firm deals with issues relating to condominiums and residential building meetings.

The Firm also represents construction companies and developers, private and institutional investors and investment funds, even international ones, for operations concerning acquisitions, development and management of the real property.

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