BenildeBalzi Law Firm strongly believes in innovation and technology progress. That’s why the Firm developed specific expertise in the field of start-ups and innovative small businesses, following the client from conception to realization.

The Firm provides assistance for start-ups in the following fields:

  • feasibility study of the business model, authorization and regulatory aspects;
  • determining the regulatory mechanisms and protecting the founding partners;
  • forming the business structure, drafting tailor-made statutes and shareholders’ agreements;
  • adopting appropriate protections for the developed or developing IP, also through defining IT protection systems and know-how;
  • assisting during the strategic choice of means and negotiations for equity crowdfunding (through angel investors, investment funds or venture capital funds), or debt (loans or bonds), also through incubators, crowdfunding or international and European funds;
  • drafting the documentation and assisting all functional activities aimed to exit strategies (NDAs, letters of intent, due diligence, transferring shareholders, revision or termination of shareholders’ agreements – which means, depending on the business structure, transferring or licensing trademarks and patents, cooperation agreements regarding the follow-up or non-competition and stability agreements).

Balzi Law Firm has also participated in important projects, even international ones, related to different forms of RTI and ATI (temporary associations of businesses). The projects were aimed at participating in tenders or competitions.

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