BenildeBalzi Law Firm has a twenty-year experience in Probate Law. The founder in fact has been nominated by the Turin Court to be Curator for inheritance in abeyance and the benefit of inventory when accepting the inheritance.

Thanks to this kind of experience, the Firm guarantees assistance for all issues linked to succession. Thus, the Firm works on: acceptance or rejection of inheritance; will and testament, bequest, gifts; violation and reinstatement of the reserved portion; division of inheritance.

BenildeBalzi Law Firm offers extrajudicial support and assistance in planning inheritance and generational passage. Each solution is designed for each specific case, turning also to authorities that regulate trust, gifts, patto di famiglia (an Italian law for transferring a company to family members through inheritance), testament and bequest.

During the dispute phase, the Firm follows the preliminary parts of mediation and assisted negotiation. The Firm also defends judicial controversies linked to inheritance claims, will contest, reduction for violation of the reserved portion, collation, invalidation and simulation of gifts.

The Firm assists clients cooperating with trusted notary public’s offices. That’s how the Firm can provide complete support, both in formal and effective matters.

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